GN 9190

Side Clamps

with Eccentrical Cam Lever

GN 9190-E

Side Clamps
With serrated clamping jaw

GN 9190-P

Side Clamps
With prism clamping jaw

GN 9190-E

Side Clamps
With serrated clamping jaw


  • Type E: With serrated clamping jaw
  • Type P: With prism clamping jaw


  • R: Clamping by clockwise rotation
  • L: Clamping by anti-clockwise rotation

Clamping mechanisms


  • Case-hardened
  • Blackened

Ball knob DIN 319

Plastic, Duroplast

Black, shiny finish

For slot width a = 10 / 14

  • Socket cap screw DIN 912

Steel, blackened

For slot width a = 12

  • Hex nut DIN 934

Steel, blackened

With side clamps GN 9190, workpieces are clamped with a pivoted clamping jaw. The clamping force acts laterally and from above to pull down on the workpiece and clamp it against fixed stops and the supporting surface.

The clamping stroke of the clamping jaw results from the swivel movement of the eccentrical cam lever. When the lever is released, the clamping jaw is returned by spring force. The low overall height of the side clamps allow full-surface machining of the workpiece.

Side clamps can be screwed in directly, e.g. in a mounting plate, or fastened to machine tables with T-slots. In addition, they can be mounted in any position perpendicular to the T-slot using the slotted support blocks GN 9190.3, which are available as accessory.


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