GN 750

Control levers

Steel, blackened

GN 750

Control levers
Control levers

GN 750

Control levers
Control levers


  • Type M: Cover with indicator point
  • Type N: Cover plain




Plastic, light grey

Cylindrical knobs

Plastic, Duroplast


The cover hides fasteners (see assembly instructions) and provides a printing facility for any symbol or logo.

On assembly, the cover is pushed in by hand and can be removed with a screw driver via a suitable slot.

Control levers GN 750 can also be supplied as standard with:

Square DIN 79 V + Bore diameter

Keyway DIN 6885 K + Bore diameter

  • Control lever versions of the assembly examples


Control lever GN 750 with spring-loaded ball, GN 614 version brass (MS) or plastic (KU), fitted to the shaft with a dowel pin.

The spring-loaded ball provides a simple indexing assembly, the location indent can be spotted through the control lever hub.

The shaft end and the screw of the indexing ball are hidden by the plastic cover.

Control lever GN 750 with keyway and countersunk washer GN 184 for positive lateral location and with a radial slot and dowel pin providing angle limitations.


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