GN 726.2

Knurled Control knobs


GN 726.2

Knurled Control knobs
Knurled Control knobs

GN 726.2

Knurled Control knobs
Knurled Control knobs


  • Type A: with arrow
  • Type B: neutral, without indicator point or scale
  • Type S: with scale 0...9, 20 graduations

Identification no.

  • No. 1: with grub screw
  • No. 2: with collet


anodized, black

Scale ring

Plastic, black

pressed on

Arrow (Type A)

and scale (Type S)

white, engraved with laser precision


Plastic, light grey

Collet / hexagon nut


Stainless Steel-Grub screw DIN 916

with internal hexagon and serrated point

The light grey cover of the control knobs GN 726.2 shrouds the fixing components as well as the shaft end. The cover also lends itself for a logo or other symbols.

The collet version permits a simple adjustment of the types with scale or arrow.

Besides the standard scale (Type S) the control knobs can be supplied with any type of graduation.

Regarding design, numbering run, numbering position and mubering sequence of the scale please see the layout for scale rings on the order sheet "How to order graduations" .


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