Tube Clamp Connectors

Tube clamp connectors, also called tube connectors, are made of aluminum, cast stainless steel or technopolymer. In general, tube connectors can be divided into the following subgroups: two-way connector clamps, flanged connector clamps, base plate connector clamps or connecting clamps with mounting plate, swivel connector clamps and swivel clamp connector joints, and T-shaped connecting clamps. Round and square pipes as well as pipe assemblies such as frames, support arms, housings, etc. can be assembled flexibly, easily and quickly by simply clamping with screws. Tube clamp connectors are used to connect round and square tubes to build modular structures. Connecting clamps in technopolymer are available in black or grey colours with AISI 304 stainless steel screws. The material of these tube connectors guarantee lightness and mechanical resistance to tubular structures in various industrial sectors along with the extra advantages of thermal insulation, lightness, coloured material, and corrosion resistance.Stainless steel clamps are ideal for applications in areas where corrosion resistant materials should be used.The particular shape of the tightening screws of some executions made of stainless steel prevents the formation of moisture and the presence of technopolymer sealing washers and the silicone ring allows the hole and the thread to be sealed, making them impermeable to water.They are ideal for protective devices, barriers, housings and frames of any type.In this family you can also find bases and connecting joints for hinged joints in aluminium, stainless steel or technopolymer.Hinged joints with clamps are ideal for the assembly on profiles and systems to create angled connections between the various parts of the inclination structure.The ergonomic design and the surface without sharp corners of the articulated joint clamps have been studied to guarantee the maximum cleanability.


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