GN 8351

Wing Screws

Stainless Steel, Hygienic Design

GN 8351-E

Wing Screws
with EPDM sealing ring

GN 8351-H

Wing Screws
with H-NBR sealing ring

GN 8351-E

Wing Screws
with EPDM sealing ring

Stainless steel

precision casting AISI 316

  • Matte finish (Ra < 0.8 µm) MT
  • Polished finish (Ra < 0.8 µm) PL

Sealing ring

  • H-NBR H

Temperature resistant -25 °C to +150 °C

  • EPDM E

Temperature resistant -40 °C to +120 °C

  • Blue
  • Hardness 85 ±5 Shore A
  • FDA compliant

Wing screws GN 8351 are intended for use in hygienic areas. The version with PL finish comply with the guidelines of the EHEDG. The sealed mounting surface enables mounting without dead spaces; the impervious geometry in combination with the high quality finish prevents the accumulation of dirt and facilitates cleaning.

Wing screws clamp and fasten parts easily without tools. The ergonomic shape allows for high tightening forces.

The wing screws can also be used in particularly aggressive environments thanks to the material used.

  • with FKM sealing ring (Fluorine rubber)


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