GN 880

Oil drain valves

Brass, 120°C

GN 880

Oil drain valves
Oil drain valves

GN 880

Oil drain valves
Oil drain valves


  • Type K: with plastic protective cap and retaining cable

Valve body

  • Steel ST zinc plated, blue passivated
  • Brass MS

Valve plate

  • Brass
  • O-ring rubber FPM (Viton®)

Sealing disc DIN 7603 A


Protective cap

Plastic (Polyamide PA)

Retaining cable

Stainless Steel

Oil drain valves GN 880 may be used for draining non-pressurised oil. As well conditionally as for vacuum drainage.

The flow volume (l/min.) depends on the viscosity of the medium, the filling quantity and the temperature. Guidance values available on request.

Other features are:

  • easy and safe handling
  • optimum flow rate
  • high pressure resistance (up to 100 bar)
  • high temperature resistance (-30 °C to +120 °C, short period up to 180 °C)
  • 100 % leak-tight tested

  • other materials


After removing the protective cap secured against loss with a retaining cable, turn in the matching connector pieces GN 880.1-

When the connector is screwed in, the valve plate will open and the oil will empty through the hose into a pan.

Take off the connector after the oil has drained. The valve plate will be lowered and closes off the drainage outlet.

The container with the oil drain vale is ready for filling again.

Other benefits of the oil drain valves GN 880:

  • No risk of burns caused by hot oil
  • No dirt caused by uncontrolled oil drainage
  • Quick and easy


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