GN 749

Threaded plugs

Steel, zinc plated

GN 749

Threaded plugs
Threaded plugs

GN 749

Threaded plugs
Threaded plugs


  • Type A: Sealing ring rubber NBR (Perbunan)
  • Type B: Sealing ring rubber FPM (Viton®)


  • Tensile strength class 5.8
  • ultrasonically and tensile tested
  • zinc plated, nano-passivated (silver / yellowish)

Type A

temperature resistant up to 100 °C

Sealing ring rubber NBR (Perbunan)

Type B

temperature resistant up tp 180 °C

Sealing ring rubber FPM (Viton®)

Identification by not black finish of the seal

The dimensions of the threaded plugs GN 749 comply with DIN 908 -, but deviating from the latter is the elastic sealing ring (rubber). This sealling ring is retained in a radial undercut in the mating face which prevents it from dropping out and in particular it does not extrude when the plug is tightened.

The details relating to the permissible operating pressure are non-binding recommended values and rule out any liability. They constitute no general warranty of quality and condition. The user must determine from case to case whether a product is suitable for the intended use.


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