GN 741

Threaded plugs

Aluminium, resistant up to 100 °C

GN 741

Threaded plugs
Threaded plugs

GN 741

Threaded plugs
Threaded plugs


  • Type OS: neutral, blank
  • Type OSS: neutral, black anodized
  • Type ES: with DIN re-fill symbol, blank
  • Type ESS: with DIN re-fill symbol, black anodized
  • Type AS: with DIN drain symbol, blank
  • Type ASS: with DIN drain symbol, black anodized

Identification no.

  • No. 1: without vent drilling
  • No. 2: with vent drilling


  • Type OS, ES and AS: fine turned, blank
  • Type OSS, ESS and ASS: fine turned, black anodized
  • Symbol laser engraved

Temperature resistant up to 100 °C

Sealing ring rubbers NBR (Perbunan)

Threaded plugs GN 741 are fitted with outside diameter d1 to suit screw holes with BSP threads to DIN 3852.

The sealing ring is bedded into a undercut groove which prevents it from dropping out and at the same time stops it from being extruded when tightening the cap.

  • with dipstick


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