GN 744

Oil level sight glasses

Aluminum / crystal-clear plastic

GN 744

Oil level sight glasses
Oil level sight glasses

GN 744

Oil level sight glasses
Oil level sight glasses


  • Type A: with prismatic effect (only d1 = 14/18/24)
  • Type B: without contrast screen (all sizes)
  • Type C: with red marking ring (only d1 = 11/14/18/24)



fine turned

Sight glass


  • crystal-clear Polymide (PA-T)
  • temperature resistant up to 110 °C

Red marking ring

pad printing

Sealing ring

Rubber NBR (Perbunan)

Oil level sight glasses GN 744 use the so called prismatic effect of a cat’s eye to display the oil level unaffected by oil colour or oil viscosity. The advantage of this effect is particularly obvious in the case of under or overfilling or for inspection under unfavourable light conditions.

The seal is housed in a radial groove in the aluminium body and hence cannot be lost. In addition it cannot be extruded when thigtening the sight glass.

Oil level sight glasses GN 744 can also be used on pressurised tanks. Data of pressure an vacuum pressure tests is available.

Assembly instruction:

For mounting on walls of less than 4 mm thickness please use a fixing nut GH.-

  • Fixing nut GH.

  • EPDM seal


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