GN 743.8

Oil level sight glasses

Brass / natural glass, resistant up to 180 °C

GN 743.8

Oil level sight glasses
Oil level sight glasses

GN 743.8

Oil level sight glasses
Oil level sight glasses


  • Type A: with contrast screen
  • Type B: without contrast screen




Contrast screen

Technopolymer (Polysulfon)

  • temperature resistant up to 180 °C
  • Sight glass ESG-glass
  • O-Ring rubber FPM (Viton®)

Identification by not black finish of the sealing ring

The conical thread of the oil level sight glasses GN 743.8 makes a metallic seal possible. When tightening the conical male thread R it blocks itself with the appropriate cylindrical female thread Rp.

With the datum plane a the R-male thread has the same thread diameter as the Rp-female thread, so that it can be screwed in by hand. The strong tightening by means of a tool increases the length of engagement and seals the screw connection. Additionally a sealant (hemp or teflon band) is usually used. The R-thread is „roughened“, so that the sealant does not shift when screwing in.

  • EPDM O-rings


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