Rapid levels with float



Rapid levels with float
Rapid levels with float


Rapid levels with float
Rapid levels with float


Body, dipstick and float: polyamide based (PA) technopolymer, grey colour.

Packing rings

  • TPE flat gasket (HFLT-EF).
  • NBR synthetic rubber O-Ring (HFLT-ER).


EN 175301-803 (A and C shape) / ISO 4400


Featuring two raised scales (for floatation in oil or water)

Standard executions

  • HFLT-EF: assembly by means of a flange with 3 holes at 120° for 3 zinc-plated steel screws with hexagon socket, supplied, and a threaded coupler.
  • HFLT-ER: assembly by mans of a 1" Gas threaded coupler.

Maximum continuous working temperature

80° C.

Features and applications

HFLT-E rapid levels detects a predefined minimum or maximum level, according to the application needs.

Highly versatile, these rapid levels allow to define both the most accurate set point required by simply disassembling the dipstick float and cutting the dipstick exactly where needed, and the kind of operation required, with normally open (NO) or normally closed (NC) contact in presence of liquid, by loosening the fastening nut on the opposite end of the dipstick and positioning the inner magnet according to specific requirements (refer to the adhesive label).

The magnet is generally supplied with normally open (NO) contact in presence of liquid.

Free from magnetic parts, the float is integral to the dipstick making this level indicator ideal for use in tanks containing dirty liquids, water, oil, coolant oil, also with iron metal parts or foams. Moreover, the operation is independent of the fluid electrical conductivity.

To ensure utmost safety, the electrical components are separated from the tank and perfectly sealed by means of ultrasound welding.

Electrical features
Tension feedAC/DC
Electric contacts

NO normally open

in the presence of liquid

NC normally closed

in the presence of liquid

Maximum commutable voltage230 Vdc, 230 Vac
Maximum opening capacity2 A
Commutable power40 W 40 VA
Cable glandPg 9 / Pg 11 UNIFIED
Conductors cross-sectionMax. 1.5 mm2

Special executions on request

  • Polypropylene body (PP).
  • With flange with 6 holes for fastening with cylindrical head screws (supplied), in addition to the threaded body.
  • For use with maximum working temperature up to 120°C.

Two-pin connector assembly instructions

  1. Remove the connectors from the indicator by unscrewing the set screw placed in the bottom, take the contact holders out and loosen the cable glands.
  2. Slip on the two-pole cable into the connectors (standard connectors) and connect the wires to the terminals nr. 1 and nr. 2 of the relative contact holders.
  3. Assemble by pressing the contact holders into the realtive connectors in the required position.
  4. Screw the connectors to the indicator and then tighten the cable glands.


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