Breather caps

with splash guard, external filler breather and dipstick, technopolymer


Breather caps
Without air filter


Breather caps
With air filter


Breather caps
With filler breather, no air filter


Breather caps
With filler breather and air filter


Breather caps
Without air filter


Polyamide based (PA) technopolymer.

  • Cap: semi-matte finish, black colour, with “fill” symbol.
  • Threaded connector and external anti-splash semi-discs, black colour.

Packing rings

NBR synthetic rubber.

Flat dipstick

Flat section phosphatised steel.

On request and for sufficient quantities dipstick can be supplied in different lengths and/or complete with MAX-MIN level lines.

Standard executions

  • SFX+a: without air filter.
  • SFX+F+a: with "tech-foam" air filter in polyurethane foam mesh (polyester base), air filtration 40 µ.
  • SFX+P+a: with anti-splash semi-discs, without air filter.
  • SFX+P+F+a: with anti-splash semi-discs and “tech-foam” air filter in polyurethane foam mesh (polyester base), air filtration 40 µ.

Maximum continuous working temperature


Features and applications

The SFX+a breather caps are made with a special internal geometry (Elesa patent) that prevents the leakage of fluids through a linear labyrinth (splash guard effect) and promotes condensation of the outgoing vapours.

The external snap-on anti-splash discs (execution+P) located at the mouth of the threaded fitting hole, are made up of fins offset from each other so as to constitute an additional labyrinth in the most critical cases of strong fluid projections.

Technical data

Air flow rate for each model can be determined from the graph here below by calculating the difference between the pressure inside and outside the reservoir.


Special executions on request

  • Neutral cap without symbols.
  • Cap in RAL 3000 red colour.
  • Threaded fitting also with American conical gas threading NPT - ANSI-ASME B1-20 for the descriptions marked in the table with #.


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