High Torque thanks to Compact Bevel Gearboxes and Worm Gear Reducers


Elesa+Ganter has expanded its product range with two compact and robust angular gear boxes that translate rotational movements by 90 degrees and transmit high torques with or without a gear ratio. These gearboxes are suitable for applications such as handling systems, packaging machines and conveyor technology.

The bevel gear box GN 3971 is available in seven sizes, with housing lengths between 32 and 60 mm and widths between 18 and 35 mm. The gear ratio between the gear box shafts is always 1:1, the direction of rotation can be selected as desired. The gear shafts can receive axial and radial forces of 60 newtons on the smallest model and up to 550 newtons on the largest. The special tooth geometry of the bevel gears of case-hardened steel allow for particularly high torques relative to the gearbox size. The maximum allowable torque can be as high as 10 newton-meters, depending on the operating speed.

Thanks to small center distances, the worm gear reducer GN 3975 measures only 60 mm on the sides and only 35 mm in width. An internal hardened steel screw moves a worm gear made of special brass. Seven versions provide gear ratios between 1:13 and 1:65. The maximum radial and axial force ranges between 200 and 500 newtons on the input side and is always 500 newtons on the output side. As of a gear ratio of 1:18, a static self-locking mechanism prevents rotation of the worm gear from the output side, offering improved safety in many applications.

The encapsulated housings of anodized aluminum make both angular gears light and corrosion resistant. They also effectively dissipate the resulting frictional heat. Numerous fastening holes make it possible to mount the gear boxes in many positions. The shafts can be rotated in both directions and feature a threaded bore and parallel keys for a positive connection to the hub.

The bevel gear boxes and worm gear reducers have lifetime lubrication and therefore require no maintenance. The two gear boxes can also be combined together, with our elastomer jaw coupling GN 2240.

More information on this Elesa+Ganter standard part can be found on our website by clicking here.



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