GN 36 & GN 37 - Perfectly Stabilised


Machines and systems always require stability. Heavy duty, large size elements also emphasize the quality of the objects they support. Elesa+Ganter has added two newly designed machine feet families to its portfolio. In addition to a high-quality and exceptionally stable design, the components feature additional, beneficial properties.

The new solid machine feet from the standard parts specialist Elesa+Ganter are particularly well suited for large and heavy systems and machines. The machine foot GN 36 uses the weight of the machine to create a very stable and robust connection between the threaded stud and the foot. The threaded stud is not connected to the foot plate. Rather, the stud centers itself automatically at the contact point via the radius. The blue zinc-plated steel threaded stud is available with fine thread from M20x1.5 to M42x2 for precise leveling and comes with the matching lock nut. The forged steel foot plate is available in a diameter up to 200 mm, has a powder coated black matte surface and can be ordered in three different types.

With type A, the foot plate rests flat on the underlying surface. Type B has an NBR rubber pad that reduces wear on the surface beneath and is also suitable for contact with oil or coolants. Type C has an O-ring that seals the foot plate, preventing liquids from penetrating under the foot. Depending on the foot plate diameter, types A and C can each support a load of 5 t to 25 t. The static load capacity for type B ranges 2 t to 11 t due to the nature of the rubber pad. The feet are perfect when it comes to compensating for an uneven floor. The machine feet may not be used on a surface inclined at greater than 3 degrees to the threaded stud.

The second new machine foot GN 37 from Elesa+Ganter also has a central fastening hole running clear through. This allows use of an anchor bolt. The anchor secures the foot to the floor, preparing it for lateral loads. This makes the machine feet optimal for manufacturing systems or conveyors that are subjected to dynamic movements and lateral forces due to the use of robots. As with
GN 36, the foot plate GN 37 can be ordered in types A, B and C. The machine feet GN 37 of types A and C can support between 4 t and 15 t, depending on diameter, while the load capacity of type B ranges between 2 t and 11 t.

For customers who already have special threaded studs for their machines, Elesa+Ganter offers GN 36.1 and GN 37.1 as just the foot plate without stud.

More information on these Elesa+Ganter standard parts can be found here for the GN 36 and here for the GN 37.



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