EVH Tubular Handles


Ergonomics, design and functionality are fully integrated in a new Elesa+Ganter EVH style tubular handle offering a safer and comfortable grip.

An anti-rotation oval cross section tube with a compact oval shape, no cavities or protrusions, allow an excellent level of safety during the operations of opening and closing of machines doors.
The aluminium tube is available in several surface finishes, epoxy resin coating, metalflake graphite colour, matte finish or in anodised aluminium, natural colour, perfectly integrates with the technopolymer handle shanks, preventing it from rotating.
The side caps with easy press-fit assembly are available in technopolymer in the seven standard Elecolors® (black, orange, grey, yellow, blue, red, green) allow the perfect match with the colours of the machines EVH tubular handles are installed on, thus improving the final overall aesthetic. The glossy finish of the side caps creates a distinct contrast with the black matte finish of the handle shanks.
EVH tubular handles belong to the Ergostyle® line: a components line conceived to meet the growing aesthetic requirements both for traditional markets and the most innovative ones: equipment for civil, medical, laboratory applications and public fittings just to mention a few.
More detailed information on this standard Elesa+Ganter element can be found here.



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