"Visually Detectable" Transmission elements in technopolymer


Elesa+Ganter Visually Detectable standard components range has been extended further with the addition of the NEW ZCL-VD spur gears. These new spur gears are available in technopolymer, “Signal blue” RAL 5005 blue colour, material suitable for contact with food (FDA CFR.21 and EU 10/2011).

The blue colour, absent in nature, makes these spur gears easily detectable and recognisable to the human eye, thanks to the specificity and uniqueness of the colour. This product line, which also includes handles, knobs and hinges, has been specifically studied for machines used in the food and pharmaceutical industries, and contributes to increasing the levels of safety in the processes of these sectors in full compliance with international regulations.

Spur gears are ideal for applications where maximum noise reduction and minimum lubrication are required. Moreover, the material that these products are manufactured make them resistant to chemical agents present in aggressive environments.

The new spur gears ZCL-VD complete the Elesa+Ganter transmission elements range which consist of two families: spur gears ZCL (pressure angle 20°) and racks ZCR (pressure angle 20°). The evolution in engineering plastics and Technopolymers has led to the availability of spur gears in plastic material featuring high mechanical strength, in addition to providing all the advantages of plastics: corrosion and chemical agents resistance; high resistance to torsion and tensile strength; noise reduction; low friction coefficient, which allows the use of gears even in sectors where lubrication is not recommended or even prohibited.

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