Technopolymer tube connectors: high mechanical resistance, lightness and design studied for maximum cleanability


The new ELESA+GANTER solution to create structures and equipment for material handling with simplicity and flexibility in several industrial sectors includes: bases, clamps with mounting plate, hoses, T-shaped and two-way clamps in reinforced polyamide based technopolymer, available in black or grey colours for a better aesthetic match with the natural colour of aluminium.

The new tube connectors present all the main characteristics of plastic material and allow the structures to be flexible and modular: they can be disassembled and modified in any moment and mounted at a different point.

TCC-CR 2-Way Connector Clamp

Technopolymer tube connectors main characteristics:

  • Technopolymer and AISI304 stainless steel for a greater resistance to corrosive agents and for outdoor applications.
  • Easy cleaning due to a design, free from corners and edges with a smooth surface.
  • Available in black or grey colours for a better combination with the natural colour of aluminium.
  • Hinged joints to adapt the structure to all required inclinations.
  • Resistance to tube rotation and pull-out guaranteed at tightening torque.
  • Available in two dimensions and with reduction sleeves for compatibility with commercial tubes (diameter tolerance of ±0.2 mm) with a diameter between 12 and 30mm.
  • Clamping kit for frequent adjustments.

TCC-PB Mounting Base for hinged joints

The clamping kits that complete the range comprise Elesa+Ganter clamping elements (ERX. adjustable handles or EWN. wing nuts) that, using the distance bushings, can replace the screws supplied with the various elements so that the tube can be locked without using a hexagonal key.

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