SUPER-Technopolymer CRM-TR Triangular hinges


SUPER-Technopolymers (reinforced technopolymers) are the most recent advancement in the engineering of polymeric materials. Elesa+Ganter has long been a market leader in the use of  SUPER-Technopolymers for robust industrial applications and specialised environments.

SUPER-Technopolymers are characterized by having mechanical and thermal properties far superior to traditional polymers, thanks to the presence of a high percentage of glass fibres linked to the base polymer. These engineered plastic hinges are primarily designed for protective enclosures, cabinets and frames where strength, lightness, cost and corrosion resistance are key design requirements.

Elesa+Ganter’s latest hinges in SUPER-Technopolymers are the CFM-TR for enclosures and panels, and the CFM-TR-G for glass doors or light panels.  The CFM-TR-G has an ingenious spacing arrangement to accommodate fragile glass panels.

One of the key design features of the CFM-TR-G hinge is a single pass-through hole on the panel side, which facilitates easy installation and minimal drilling that reduces the risk of cracking or spalling. A step washer, produced from an FDA compliant raw material, is used to separate the stainless steel flat washer from the glass. On the back of the hinge, a matching stepped washer is used to separate the clamping fastener from the glass. Ingenious. This product is ideal for use in food and pharmaceutical applications.

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