Glass-fibre reinforced polyamide-based (PA) technopolymer, grey colour.

Standard executions

  • ZCL-0.5: module 0.5 solid hub (number of teeth Z ≤ 50) or pre-drilled pass-through hole (number of teeth Z ≥ 55).
  • ZCL-1.0: module 1.0 solid hub (number of teeth Z = 10) or pre-drilled pass-through hole.
  • ZCL-1.5: module 1.5, pre-drilled pass-through hole
  • ZCL-2.0: module 2.0, pre-drilled pass-through hole
  • ZCL-2.5: module 2.5, pre-drilled pass-through hole
  • ZCL-3.0: module 3.0, pre-drilled pass-through hole
  • ZCL-1.0-K: module 1.0, drilled hub with keyway UNI 6604, D10 tolerance.
  • ZCL-1.5-K: module 1.5, drilled hub with keyway  UNI 6604, D10 tolerance.
  • ZCL-2.0-K: module 2.0, drilled hub with keyway UNI 6604, D10 tolerance.
  • ZCL-2.5-K: module 2.5, drilled hub with keyway UNI 6604, D10 tolerance.
  • ZCL-3.0-K: module 3.0, drilled hub with keyway  UNI 6604, D10 tolerance.

For the executions with the pre-drilled pass-through hole, in the tables the size “d” of the hole represents the minimum diameter  of the hole that can be obtained through machining.


The torques indicated in the tables are granted with rpm included between 0 and 150. Torque values can vary depending on lubrication, temperature, pairing with different materials and continuous operating hours.

Maximum tolerance on plain pass-through hole: IT 9.

Technical data

See: Transmission elements.

Special executions on request

  • Assembly by means of a transversal grub screw.
  • Various non-standard gears with hub with keyway according to UNI 6604 tolerance D10.


To pair two spur gears, a positive backlash must be considered. For modules 0.5 - 1.0 - 1.5 is recommended the tolerance (+0.03 +0.1). For modules 2.0 - 2.5 - 3.0 is recommended the tolerance (+0.08 +0.3).


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