Vacuum cup in oil-proof rubber (NBR), natural (NR), or silicone (VMQ).

Support in anodised aluminium.

Standard executions

  • VVK-A: oil-proof rubber, without support.
  • VVK-N: natural rubber, without support.
  • VVK-S: silicone rubber, without support.
  • VVK-T-A: oil-proof rubber, with support.
  • VVK-T-N: natural rubber, with support.
  • VVK-T-S: silicone rubber, with support.


They have a particularly flexible lip that enables them to adapt to flat (smooth or rough), concave and convex surfaces, even very thin ones.

The presence of the grooves on the surface of the vacuum cup allows for superior grip and a more effective grip on the object to be manipulated.


They are specifically used in the ceramic sector in particular for handling tiles with smooth or shaped surfaces; however, they can also be used with different surfaces such as glass, marble and concrete.

See Technical Data for vacuum cups.


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