Stainless steel stem.

Stainless steel spring.

Zinc-plated steel threaded sleeve and hexagonal nuts.

Quick fitting in blue anodised aluminium.

Standard executions

  • VPH-F: with straight quick fitting.
  • VPH-F-L: with L-shaped quick fitting.
  • VPH-F-T: with T-shaped quick fitting.
  • VPH-F-SR: without fitting.
  • VPH-F-RR: with quick fitting, without ring nut.


VPH vacuum cup suspensions comprise:

  • a stainless steel stem to fix the vacuum cup;
  • a steel threaded sleeve, equipped with two hexagonal nuts, for height adjustment and for mounting them on the automation device;
  • a spring to cushion the impact of the vacuum cup and at the same time maintain a constant pressure with the load to be lifted;
  • a quick fitting for connection to the suction hose.

Characterised by very small dimensions (about 50% less than VPA vacuum cup suspensions) and reduced weight (about 50% less than VPD vacuum cup suspensions).

To be used specifically with vacuum cups with M5 male support.

The effective spring stroke in relation to the length l2 is equal to 10 mm.

Compatible with 4x6 diameter plastic tube.

See Technical Data for vacuum cups .


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