Polyamide based (PA) technopolymer, semi-matte finish.

  • SFP......: RAL 2004 orange, marked "OIL".
  • SFP.....-C9: RAL 9005 black colour, marked "OIL".
  • SFP.....-C2-N: RAL 2004 orange, without "OIL" mark.
  • SFP.....-C9-N: RAL 9005 black colour, without "OIL" mark.

Threaded fitting

Polyamide based (PA) technopolymer, black colour, semi-matte finish.

Packing ring

NBR synthetic rubber.

Splash guard


Standard executions

  • SFP.: without air filter (black splash guard).
  • SFP+F-FIL: with "tech-fil" air filter in zinc-plated steel wire (orange splash guard).
  • SFP+F-FOAM: with "tech-foam" air filter in polyurethane foam mesh (polyester base), air filtration 40 µ (grey splash guard).
  • SFP-BA+F: with "tech-foam" air filter in polyurethane foam mesh (polyester base), air filtration 40 µ (grey splash guard).

Zinc-plated steel sheet bayonet.

Chrome-plated steel safety chain.

Maximum continuous working temperature


Features and applications

SFP. breather caps come complete with splash guard device (ELESA original design) that prevents oil loss and are particularly suitable for use where oil is violently agitated and could be splashed against breather cap.

Technical data

Air flow rate for each model can be determined from the graph calculating the difference between the pressure inside and outside the reservoir.


Special execution on request

Threaded connector also with NPT thread (National Taper Pipe Thread - ANSI-ASME B1-20) for the codes marked with # in the table.


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