Covering with tread

Vulcanised rubber; hardness 83 Shore A.

Wheel centre body

Consisting of two zinc-plated and riveted plate disks.

Rolling action

Polyamide-based technopolymer (PA) hub and boss, integral to the wheel centre body.


RE.E3 wheels may be mounted on different kinds of trolleys, with medium-light loads; it is also suitable for outdoor use. Typical applications: trolleys for industrial moving, for outdoor use also, waste dumpsters. For selection parameters see Technical data-.

RE.E3 wheels are also supplied with steel sheet bracket for medium-heavy loads (RE.E3-).

Environmental conditions

Suitable for use in humid environments and in the presence of atmospheric agents; use in environments with the presence of organic, chlorinated solvents, hydrocarbons and mineral oils is not recommended.

Rolling resistance - force / load applied

The diagram shows the force to be applied to a wheel to keep it moving at the constant speed of 4 km/h, according to the applied load.

The intersection point with a 50N value is the maximum transportable load with a manually actuated 4-wheel trolley; in fact, 200N = 50N x 4 wheels is the maximum force that may be supported by the operator according to the regulations in force regarding work safety.


Mechanical moving with towing devices

For mechanical towing, please see the technical specifications to determine the capacity variation.


If operating temperatures in an application differ from the standard range of values, please see the technical specifications to determine the capacity variation.


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