Covering with tread

Vulcanised rubber; hardness 83 Shore A.

Wheel centre body

Consisting of two zinc-plated and riveted sheet disks.

Rolling action

Polyamide-based technopolymer (PA) hub and boss, integral to the wheel centre body.

Fixed plate bracket

Zinc-plated steel sheet, the bracket is designed to withstand loads up to 2300N.

Turning plate bracket

Zinc-plated steel sheet, the bracket is designed to withstand loads up to 2300N. The presence of a double ball race turns and the direct contact between the plate and the ball race ring with built-in pin ensure excellent manoeuvrability. Does not require maintenance.

It consists of (see Fig.1):

  1. fitting plate: electrolytically zinc-plated steel sheet;
  2. fork: electrolytically zinc-plated steel sheet;
  3. ball race ring: electrolytically zinc-plated steel sheet;
  4. central pin: incorporated in the plate, cold reflanged;
  5. rotation system: dual grease-lubricated ball race;
  6. dust seal: RAL 7015 dark grey technopolymer.


Total brake that locks the wheel and bracket rotation.

The optimised dimensions and the retractable pedal ensure minimal space occupied and maximum actuation ease.

Hardened carbon steel spring.

Standard executions (bore with plain bearing)

  • PBL-N: fixed plate bracket, without brake.
  • SBL-N: turning plate bracket, without brake.
  • SBF-N: turning plate bracket, with brake.
  • FBL-N: turning plate bracket and centre pass-through hole, without brake.
  • FBF-N: turning plate bracket and centre pass-through hole, with brake.


RE.E3 wheels may be mounted on different kinds of trolleys, with medium-light loads; it is also suitable for outdoor use. Typical applications: trolleys for industrial moving, for outdoor use also, waste dumpsters.

For further information see RE.E3-.


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