GN 876


  • Type L: Swiveling left
  • Type R: Swiveling right


  • Type A: Clamping arm with slotted hole and 2 flanged washers
  • Type AC: Clamping arm with slotted hole, 2 flanged washers and GN 708.1 spindle assembly
  • Type B: Clamping arm with threaded hole
  • Type F: Adapter flange
  • Type N: without clamping arm


Hard anodized

Wear-resistant surface

Double-action air cylinder

Max. pressure 6 bar

Socket cap screw DIN 912

Steel, zinc plated, blue passivated

Washer ISO 7092

Steel, zinc plated, blue passivated

  • Clamping screw GN 708.1 type AC
  • with flanged washers

Swing clamps GN 876 are used when the clamping point for inserting and removing the workpiece must be freely accessible on top.

The design allows especially space-saving mounting. The height of the swing clamp can be adjusted via the screw-in thread.

During the clamping action, the arm is first swiveled by 90° and lowered, followed by the linear tensioning motion. The workpiece clamping must take place within the clamping stroke.

The angle orientation of the clamping arm can be set arbitrarily during mounting on the swing clamp. When tightening the screw, the piston rod must not experience any torque. The clamping arm must therefore be held to prevent twisting.

  • Clamping arms GN 875.2
  • Clamping arms GN 875.3
  • Adapter flanges GN 875.4
  • Threaded flanges GN 876.1
  • Spindle assemblies GN 708.1
  • Slotted locknuts DIN 70852

  • List of pneumatic clamps 


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