GN 852.3


  • Type T6: with mounting holes, with U-bolt latch, with catch
  • Type T: with mounting holes, without U-bolt latch, with catch
  • Type T6S: for welding, with U-bolt latch, with catch
  • Type TS: for welding, without U-bolt latch, with catch

Version in Steel

Body / catch / clamping lever

Steel C22

  • forged
  • black lacquered (Type T6 / T)
  • blackened (Type T6S / TS)

U-bolt latch / bearing pin

Steel St 37

zinc plated, blue passivated

All moving parts

lubricated with special grease

Version in Stainless Steel NI

Body / catch / clamping lever / U-bolt latch

Stainless Steel AISI 304


Other parts

Stainless Steel AISI 303

All moving parts

lubricated with special grease

GN 852.3 latch type toggle clamps are compact in design and can be used to ensure high holding capacities.

When closing the spanner, a safety hook positively locks onto the body. This prevents the inadvertent or vibration-induced release from the clamping position. To open the safety hook it is unlocked per one-hand operation.

The stroke of the U-bolt latch can be adjusted within its range.

In addition to the standard lengths of the U-bolt latches shown in the table, a variety of other lengths are also available under the GN 951.1 series.

  • General information for toggle clamps 

  • Stainless Steel characteristics 


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