GN 804



  • Tensile strength class 5.8
  • zinc plated, blue passivated

Hexagon nuts ISO 4032


zinc plated, blue passivated

Thrust pad


nitrided, blackened

In order to pass the dead centre point and / or compensate for work piece tolerances when using hand operated toggle clamps, an elastic thrust pad such as GN 708.1- can be used.

GN 804 toggle clamp spindle assemblies fitted with Belleville spring washers do not only help to overcome workpiece tolerances but they also allow presetting of the required clamping force.

This adjustment can be made with the hexagon nut (A/F). The setting nut stroke is the distance by which the Belleville spring washers can be preloaded as shown on the graph to give the required clamping force.

The thrust pad is movable.

The two hexagon nuts are included parts of the order.

  • Strength values of screws 


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