GN 722.1


  • Type A: Square, latch riveted, not removable
  • Type AU: Square, latch screwed, removable
  • Type R: Round, latch riveted, not removable
  • Type RU: Round, latch screwed, removable


  • Steel precision casting ST



  • Stainless steel precision casting AISI 316 A4



  • Steel precision casting

Zinc plated, blue passivated (for ST)

  • Stainless steel precision casting AISI 316 (for A4)

Plunger pin

  • Steel, zinc plated, blue passivated (for ST)
  • Pressure spring

Stainless steel AISI 316 (for A4)

Pressure spring

Stainless steel AISI 316Ti

Countersunk screw

  • Steel, zinc plated (for ST)
  • Stainless steel (for A4)

With spring latches GN 722.1, the plunger pin is retracted over the curve of the guide by a 180° turn of the latch. The notch at the upper end of the curve causes the latch to be held in place if the plunger pin needs to be kept temporarily from protruding. The ST version is designed for applications in steel construction, whereas the stainless steel version A4 is suitable for use in particularly aggressive environments.

The dimensional tolerances between plunger pin and guide are selected so that the functional reliability is guaranteed even after welding, applying a corrosion protection layer or in case of contamination.

For fastening by welding, the unmounted type AU is particularly recommended to avoid changes to the microstructure of the material due to heating of the spring and plunger pin. In this case, the indexing plunger is assembled only after the surface treatment of the welded guide.

  • List of Cam Action Indexing Plungers 

  • Load Rating Information 
  • Stainless Steel Characteristics 


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