GN 709.1


  • Type B: Smooth contact face
  • Type R: Serrated contact face
  • Type BR: Smooth contact face, with automatic return
  • Type RR: Serrated contact face, with automatic return
  • Type RH: Serrated contact face, with hard metal ball
  • Type RRH: Serrated contact face, with automatic return, with hard metal ball

Stainless Steel AISI 431




hardened, blank

(Type B / R / BR / RR)


Hard metal steel

nickel plated

(Type RH / RRH)

Spring element

Plastic (PUR)

(Type BR / RRH)

GN 709.15 clamping pads are used as movable supports or plungers for clamping workpieces. They can also be used as stops. For cast components the use of clamping pads with a hard metal ball is recommended.

After the clamping process, the contact surfaces of clamping pads automatically reset themselves to their initial position. This prevents the bearing from jamming in an inclined position when the workpiece is inserted.

The bearing can be rotated by a maximum of 9° and is secured against further rotation.

  • Elastomer characteristics 
  • Stainless Steel characteristics 


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