GN 707.2

Version in Steel ST

Sintered Steel (Distaloy AB)

Black oxidised with vapor

Socket cap screw DIN 912

Steel, plain

Version in Aluminum AL

  • Turned, tumbled
  • Socket cap screw DIN 912-A2

Version in Stainless Steel NI

Sindered AISI 316 LHC 

Socket cap screw DIN 912-A2

Version in Stainless Steel A4

Turned AISI 316


Socket cap screw DIN 912-A4

Split shaft collars GN 707.2 correspond in measurement to the semi-split shaft collars GN 706.2. They are used when an axial assembly is not possible. These shaft collars can safely and simply be assembled by reducing the slot height with high clamping force and thus they act, for instance, like an end stop. The surface of the shaft or the axle is not damaged.

For size d1 = 16 to 36 d3 is a through hole; starting from d1 = 42 d3 is a threaded blind bore.

  • Adjustable Hand Levers GN 311 
  • Damping Washer GN 7072.30 

  • ISO-Fundamental Tolerances 
  • Stainless Steel Characteristics 


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