GN 611


  • Type L: Steel, standard spring load
  • Type LS: Steel, high spring load
  • Type LN: Stainless steel, standard spring load
  • Type LSN: Stainless steel, high spring load

Type L / LS


Steel, blackened


Steel, blackened

Case hardened

Type LN / LSN


Stainless steel AISI 303


Stainless steel AISI 303


Pressure spring


Identification of type LS / LSN:

Housing with 2 longitudinal markings

Spring plungers GN 611 are used as ejectors, push-on and push-off operations in the sheet metal industry, as well as cushioners.

The slot on the plunger side is provided for blind hole application. A special screw driver GN 611.5 is available (see table).

  • Screwdrivers GN 611.5 (Code no. see table)

  • More Information to Thread Lockings
  • Stainless Steel Characteristics 


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