GN 607.3

Guide Steel ST

zinc plated, blue passivated

Pin Stainless Steel AISI 303

chemically nickel plated

Knob Plastic (Polyamide PA)

  • black, matt
  • not removable

Indexing plungers GN 607.3 have been developed for installation in thin walled equipment.

It has to be taken into consideration that, depending on the mounting plate thickness 's', the protruding plunger length 'l1' and the position of the hexagon nut on its centre bush, the plunger nose might not always be fully retractable.

For design reasons the positional accuracy of this indexing plunger is not as precise as plunger GN 607 .

Indexing plungers with rest position are used for such applications where the plunger pin has to stay in its retracted position. To achieve this, the knob is rotated by 90° degrees after being retracted. A notch keeps the plunger in this position.

  • Range of indexing plungers 

  • Double ring spanner GN 607.9 -SW14-SW16 (assembling aid)

  • ISO-Fundamental Tolerances -
  • Stainless Steel characteristics 
  • Plastic characteristics 
  • Load rating information 


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