GN 586.1

Load rings

Steel, German Material No. 1.6541

  • forged
  • high-tensile tempered
  • 100 % electro magnetic tensile tested to EN 1677
  • plastic coated, pink

Fixing holder

  • forged
  • high-tensile tempered
  • 100 % electro magnetic tensile tested
  • plastic coated, pink


Steel, high-tensile tempered

Finish: Delta Tone



galvanic zinc plated

The load rings GN 586.1 can be folded and rotated into all approved directions, carrying the full load in any tension direction

They offer a high load carrying capacity and they are tested to meet safety standards (safety factor 4).

The rated load carrying capacity listed in the table is clearly marked on the attachment bolt. It applies to the most unfavourable load application of the load types listed opposite.

Load rings GN 586.1 comply with Mechanical Engineering Directive 2006 / 42 / EG and are BG tested.

The integrated RFID transponder clearly marks and identifies the sling and lifting gear, e.g. during the prescribed regular inspection.

This standard replaces the previous load rings GN 586.

  • Operating instructions GN 586.1 

Method of mounting____logo__581k2______logo__581k3______logo__581k4______logo__581k5______logo__581k6______logo__581k7______logo__581k8______logo__581k9__
Number11222223 and 43 and 43 and 4
Angles of inclination90°90°0° to 4545° to 60°asymm.0° to 45°45° to 60°asymm.
M 80.63 t0.63 t1.26 t1.26 t0.88 t0.63 t0.63 t1.26 t0.94 t0.63 t
M 100.90 t0.90 t1.80 t1.80 t1.26 t0.90 t0.90 t1.90 t1.35 t0.90 t
M 121.35 t1.35 t2.70 t1.90 t1.90 t1.35 t1.35 t2.80 t2.00 t1.35 t
M 162.00 t2.00 t4.00 t2.80 t2.80 t2.00 t2.00 t4.20 t3.00 t2.00 t
M 203.50 t3.50 t7.00 t4.90 t4.90 t3.50 t3.50 t7.35 t5.25 t3.50 t
M 244.50 t4.50 t9.00 t6.30 t6.30 t4.50 t4.50 t9.50 t6.75 t4.50 t
M 306.70 t6.70 t13.40 t9.40 t9.40 t6.70 t6.70 t14.00 t10.00 t6.70 t

The above details specify the maximum load in metric tonnes, with the rotating load ring GN 586.1 fixed in place and set in load direction.

The contact surface of the rotating load ring GN 586.1 must be flat and at a right angle to the tapped bore.

When fixed to the member, the attachment bolt must be allowed to rotate freely by 360°. Only the hexagonal bolt supplied with the load ring may be used.

The load ring must move freely and must not be supported by edges.

Before applying the load, both the load ring and the attachment bolt must be turned in load direction, observing the permissible loading depending on the direction of the load ring. Rotating load rings are not suitable for frequent rotations under load.

The specified loading values are valid for a minimum bolt embedment depth of 1,5 × nominal thread diameter in steel with a minimum tensile strength of 37 kp/mm2 at an operating temperature of between -40 °C and +100 °C. Load capacities under different conditions provided on request.

Operating instructions with more details and specifications are included with every delivery (see also



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