GN 54.1



Materials of the magnet:


Samarium, cobalt

temperature resistant up to 200 °C


Neodymium, iron, boron

temperature resistant up to 80 °C

Identification of ND:

blue inked adhesive surface area

Retaining magnets GN 54.1 are a shielded magnetic system.

The configuration of magnetic and iron poles is known as sandwich magnet system. These retaining magnets deliver ultimate holding power, also with smaller workpieces.

Attachment options include pressing in or gluing in.

* k1 is the maximum dimension by which the retaining magnet can be shortened without losing its properties.

** Mounting these retaining magnets directly in steel components will create a magnetic shortcircuit which reduces the retaining power by as much as 15%. To avoid this effect, the spacings k2 between brass jacket and steel component should be observed. These spacings should also be maintained if the retaining magnet is shortened.

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