GN 53.3


  • Type A: Without eyelet
  • Type B: With eyelet

Magnet material


Neodymium, iron, boron

Temperature resistant up to 80 °C



  • White, RAL 9003 WS
  • Gray, RAL 7040 GR
  • Black, RAL 9004 SW
  • Red, RAL 3031 RT

Countersunk screw

Stainless steel

Magnets GN 53.3 work in combination with the ergonomic plastic handle as a system for holding documents, templates, drawings etc. that are used in technical environments.

The neodymium magnet keeps the required contact diameter small while also supplying a high retaining force.

Type B with eyelet also offers the ability to protect the magnet from being lost with a retaining cable.

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  • Other colors


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