GN 491.1

Identification no.

  • No. 1: for mechanical position indicators DD52R / DD51 / DD50
  • No. 2: for electrical position indicators DD52R-E / DD51-E

Adaptor shaft



Torque support


black anodized

The installation kits GN 491.1 are required for the attachment of a position indicator to double tube linear actuators. They consist of an adapter shaft and, depending on the position indicator, a torque support including fixing screws.

Mechanical position indicators DD52R / DD51 / DD50 must be ordered so that the counter is aligned with the rising of the trapezoidal thread spindle.

For the position indicators DD52R-E / DD51-E the respective rising is set at the position indicator for every programming.

Position indicators and handwheels have to be ordered separately.

  • ISO-Fundamental tolerances 


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