GN 481

Tube extrusion


End caps

Zinc die casting

Tube extrusion / End caps

plastic coated

black, RAL 9005, textured finish SW

anodized, natural color EL

Countersunk screws

self tapping, with internal hexalobular

black, zinc plated

GN 481 edge handles are particularly compact and are used, for example, on the side of monitor housings as a handling aid or generally to protect the edges of housings.

Tolerance compensation of 1 mm per end cap simplifies installation.The two end caps are mounted to the handle profile with self-tapping countersunk screws so they can be screwed back on after adjusting the length of the handle without requiring readjustment.This allows the length of the housing to be adapted to any desired size.

Four DIN 7500-1 countersunk screws are included.

Tube extrusion

anodized, natural colour

End caps, plastic coated

silver, textured finish

In order to allign the edge handle with the-edge of the cabinet (tolerance l1 + 2 mm), the end caps should, to start with, only be loosely fitted

The mounting is carried out in two steps as follows:

  • Fit the end caps firmly to the cabinet.
  • Fix the extrusion axially by using the countersunk screws.


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