GN 4470


  • Type A1: Magnetic surface top, with bore
  • Type A2: Magnetic surface top, with slotted hole
  • Type C1: Magnetic surface laterally, with bore
  • Type C2: Magnetic surface laterally, with slotted hole

Identification no.

  • Version W: without contact plate
  • Version F: with contact plate, with countersunk hole
  • Version L2: with contact plate, L-profile, with slotted hole
  • Version L3: with contact plate, L-profile, with slotted hole, elongated
  • Version Z2: with contact plate, Z-profile, with slotted hole
  • Version Z3: with contact plate, Z-profile, with slotted hole, elongated

Zinc die casting

Plastic coated

black, RAL 9005, textured finish SW

silver, RAL 9006, textured finish SR

Material of the magnet


Neodymium, iron, boron

temperature resistant up to 80 °C

Rubber cap (magnetic surface)

Elastomer (TPE), black

Hardness ≈ 80 Shore A

Contact plate


zinc plated, blue passivated

Magnetic catches GN 4470 are compact parts that hold covers, doors and sliding doors closed. The rubberised magnetic surface reduces noise and prevents damage to the opposite part.

The contact plates for diverse installation situations expand the possible range of applications and are used, for example, when magnetic catches are desired but the opposite part is non-magnetic.

For magnetic catches of types A1 and A2, full-surface contact in the area of the locking plate must be ensured during installation.

  • further finishes
  • other magnetic surfaces
  • Contact plates with other dimensions
  • Contact plates with other shapes
  • Contact plates with other finishes



Grid dimension of the profile systemMagnetic catches with contact plate
Type - Identification
A1 - L ...A1 - L ...A1 - L ...A2 - Z ...C2 - FC2 - L ...
-Surface-mounted doorSurface-mounted door - Countersunk magnetInset doorSurface-mounted doorSliding door
20-L2Z2, s = 0 ... 10 mmFL2, s = 0 ... 10 mm
30-L2Z3, s = 0 ... 15 mmFL3, s = 0 ... 15 mm
40L2L2Z3, s = 0 ... 10 mmFL3, s = 0 ... 10 mm
45L2L2Z3, s = 0 ... 7 mmFL3, s = 0 ... 7 mm


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