GN 44

Types (Base plate)

  • Type D0: without rubber underlay
  • Type B0: without rubber underlay, with 2 fixing holes
  • Type D1: with rubber underlay, clipped on, black
  • Type D3: with rubber underlay, vulcanized, black

Versions of threaded stem

  • Version S: without nut, External hexagon at the bottom
  • Version SK: with nut, External hexagon at the bottom
  • Version T: without nut, Wrench flat at the bottom
  • Version TK: with nut, Wrench flat at the bottom

Base plate

Stainless Steel

  • AISI 316 L (A4)
  • blank, ground

Threaded stem

Stainless Steel AISI 316 L (A4)

Hexagon nut ISO 4032

Stainless Steel, A4

Rubber cap

  • clipped on
  • black, Santoprene® (TPE) ≈ 80 Shore A

Rubber underlay

  • vulcanized
  • black, Perbunan® (NBR) 70±5 Shore A

GN 44 Stainless Steel-Levelling feet are for use in aggressive environments. The range of combinations of base plates and adjustable spindle versions allows these levelling feat to be used in every situation.

The base plate with the rubber underlay protects sensitive surfaces and reduces lateral slippage. The type B0 can also be fastened to the mounting surface through two holes.

The levelling feet are supplied fully assembled and are not removable.

  • Stainless Steel characteristics 
  • Elastomer characteristics 


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