GN 426.6


  • Type A: Mounting from the back (threaded blind bore)
  • Type B: Mounting from the operator´s side

Stainless Steel

d1 = 20: Solid material

d1 = 28: Tube-Ø 28 x 2

AISI 304

matt shot-blasted

Threaded bush / Mounting stud

Stainless Steel AISI 303

Grub screws (Type B)

d1= 20: DIN 914-M5-6-NI

d1= 28: DIN 914-M6-8-NI

Stainless Steel-Cabinet "U" handles GN 426.6 can be mounted from the back (type A) as well as from the operator’s side (type B). In this case the stud is first screwed in from the machine side and then the handle is pushed on and secured with the grub screw.

Both mounting methods allow the mounting of a pair of handles in opposite position. This method could be used e.g. on doors (double handle). In general, a mounting stud with special length l2 might be required.

The manufacturing process (bending) allows the production of special lengths in relatively small quantities.

  • Stainless Steel characteristics -
  • Load rating information 


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