GN 425.9


  • Type A: Thread for fixing from the back
  • Type B: Through-hole for fixing from the operators side
  • Type C: Fixed from the operators side by means of welding

Identification no.

  • No. 1: Handle 90° foldaway
  • No. 2: Handle 90° foldaway, with retaining spring
  • No. 3: Handle 180° foldaway
  • No. 4: Handle 180° foldaway, with retaining spring

Attachment part

Stainless Steel precision casting


matte shot-blasted GS

plastic coated (only type A and B)

black, RAL 9005, textured finish SW


Stainless Steel

AISI 304

matte shot-blasted

Retaining springs

spring steel

AISI 301

GN 425.9 Stainless Steel-Folding handles are used where the handle must only protrude a short distance in the resting position.

Folding handles numbers 1 and 2 are suitable for side “access,” as these have a 90° limit stop. If used from above, numbers 3 and 4 with a handle which can fold freely through 180° are a better version.

The retaining springs of numbers 2 and 4 keep the handle in any position. This keeps the handle in a position which can be easily accessed and prevents noise as a result of vibration in the resting position.

The handle and the retaining springs are secured by mounting the attachment across the entire surface. All components are supplied unassembled.

  • Stainless Steel characteristics 


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