GN 411.2


  • Type K: with clamping balls
  • Type S: with clamping segments


  • hardened
  • blackened

Clamping balls /-segments

  • hardened
  • blank, ground

With centring bore clamps GN 411.2 workpieces can be centrally positioned and clamped from the inside of the bore.

They offer the following advantages:

- Precise self centering

- Repetitive accuracy: ± 0.025

- Accuracy of concentricity: ± 0.05

- Solid and stable clamping through either 3 or 6 contact points on the workpiece

- Clamping of workpieces with uneven or irregular surface (such as castings)

- Distortion free clamping

- Reduced height

- Can be fitted in any position

- Large adjustable range

- Draw-down clamping

  • Centring bore clamps GN 411.3, operable from the opposite side respectively for hydraulic or pneumatic operation 
  • Centring bore clamps with 2 clamping elements for clamping tubes

  • ISO-Fundamental Tolerances -


Operating principle

A circular ball cage containing 3 or 6 balls is forced outwards over an accurately guided cone by means of a screw which, through the exerted thrust, will enlarge the outside diameter of the circular ball cage. This in turn will lead to a firm contact between the centring clamp and bore of the workpiece.

Type K (with balls) is used for clamping applications where minute ball marks at the contact points with the workpiece are acceptable. Type S (with clamping segments) is used in such cases where marks at the clamping points on the workpiece would be acceptable.


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