GN 37.1


  • Type A: without rubber underlay
  • Type B: with rubber underlay
  • Type C: with O-ring


plastic coated

black, RAL 9005, textured finish

Rubber underlay, inlaid

black, NBR

85±5 Shore A

O-ring, inlaid

black, NBR

≈ 70 Shore A

Foot plates GN 37.1 are characterized by their solid construction and large variety. They are used especially on large and heavy systems and machines. The through-hole allows the machine feet to be attached centrally to the ground, making them ideal for compressive and tensile loads.

The foot plates are ideal for use with customized adjustment or compensation stems that have the spherically shaped absorption radius “r” at the contact point. DIN screws or threaded studs with chamfer or pointed nose used as an alternative reduce the load capacity due to the lack of full-surface contact.

Type B with rubber underlay prevents slipping to the side, protects delicate surfaces and dampens vibrations and tremors. Type C with O-ring provides a seal over the ground to prevent the build-up of dirt under the foot.

  • Elastomer characteristics 

  • Zinc plated, blue passivated surface
  • Surface available in other colors (plastic coating)
  • other geometries at the contact point


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