GN 355.2

Stainless Steel NI

AISI 303

Spherical washer

Stainless Steel AISI 303

Socket cap screw DIN 912

Stainless Steel A2-70

Washer DIN 433

Stainless Steel AISI 304

Stainless Steel-Levelling parts GN 355.2 are used for levelling and adjustment in machines and equipment.

They consist of a levelling screw, a socket cap screw with disk and a spherical washer. The levelling screw and spherical washer are permanently connected together.

The external diameter of the spherical washer d4 is smaller than the thread core diameter d1, thereby also making mounting possible when the seating is inaccessible.

After making the adjustment using the assembly tools GN 355.1 available as an accessory, the screw is tightened firmly causing the levelling screw and the spherical washer to spread and is secured in this way against twisting in the threaded hole.

The values for w and x given in the table and for the static load capacity are to be seen as reference values which may differ depending on the prevailing situation. In general, they do not constitute a warranty of condition. The user must determine whether the product is suitable for the intended purpose.

  • Assembly tools GN 355.1 (Code no. see table)

  • Stainless Steel characteristics 


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