GN 30b


  • Type A: Without accessory
  • Type C: With fastening set and cover cap

Angle bracket


  • Painted, white aluminum AW
  • Plain finish AB

Fastening set (only for Type C)

  • T-slot nut and socket cap screw (for n = 8)
  • T-slot bolt and collar nut (for n = 10)

Steel, zinc plated SZ (only for Type C)

Blue / yellow passivated

Cover cap (only for Type C)

Plastic (Polyamide PA)

Black S

Angle brackets GN 30b fasten aluminum profiles to objects such as tables and panels or at right angles to each other. Machining of the profile is not necessary.

The connection can be freely positioned and slid along the slot. To fasten the angle brackets to a panel or transversely to an aluminum profile, the guide steps must be broken off.

The cover caps ensure a visually appealing appearance and simplify cleaning (type C).

  • Only for Type A:
  • T-Nuts GN 50b
  • T-Slot Nuts GN 51b
  • T-Slot Bolts GN 52b
  • Collar Nuts GN 53b

  • Plastic Characteristics 



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