GN 298


  • Type W: Housing for angular gears
  • Type T: Housing for T-gears

Aluminium gravity die casting

plastic coated

black, RAL 9005, textured finish SW

Thrust screws

Stainless Steel

Housings GN 298 for angular / T-gears are used in connection with bevel gear wheels  GN 297  and linear actuators / transfer units. The angular / T-gears are designed to deflect the rotary movement of a linear actuator / transfer unit by 90°.

An operating instruction with more details and specifications is included with every delivery.

  • Operating insctruction for GN 298

Assembly of linear actuators and transfer units with bevel gear wheels in housings GN 298

d Ø Linear actuator / transfer unitl2l3m1m2Bevel gear wheelHousingLength of the transfer unit GN 391: l1 = A - 2 x m1
184140204GN 297-17,5-K6GN 298-28-B18-W/T-SW
305857261GN 297-26-K8GN 298-40-B30-W/T-SW
4075.573.5321GN 297-35-K12GN 298-50-B40-W/T-SW
5090.587.5321GN 297-35-K12GN 298-60-B50-W/T-SW



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