GN 238


  • Type BJ: adjustable on both sides
  • Type EJ: one-sided adjustable
  • Type NJ: not adjustable

Zinc die casting

plastic coated

black, RAL 9005, textured finish SW

silver, RAL 9006, textured finish SR

Adjusting disc

Steel, hardened



  • black grey for type SW
  • light grey for type SR


Stainless Steel AISI 303

The adjustable hinges GN 238 allow the technically and visually perfect positioning and alignment of a door in its frame.

The steel adjusting disc has a cutting ring in its underside which cuts into the radial fins of the zinc die-cast wings when the countersunk screw is tightened, virtually creating a form-lock that prevents adjusting the hinge after mounting.

The covers conceal the fixing elements and lend the hinge an attractive optical appearance.

  • Stainless Steel characteristics 
  • Load rating information of hinges 
  • List of hinges types 


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