GN 2290

Identification no.

  • No. 1: for two-part hinges
  • No. 2: for three-part hinges, with short middle wing
  • No. 3: for three-part hinges, with elongated middle wing

Bearing bushing / cover cap

Plastic, Technopolymer (Polyamide PA)

gray, RAL 7035 GR

Tapered dowel pin ISO 8741

Steel zinc plated, blue passivated

GN 2290 Bolt sets are designed as accessories for GN 2291 hinge wings for mounting individual hinge versions.

Bolt sets with identification no. 1 are designed for hinges with two hinge wings, bolt sets with identification no. 2 and 3 are designed for hinges with three hinge wings. Bolt sets with identification no. 2 are used exclusively for short middle wings with a length of 40 mm. Bolt sets with identification no. 3 must be used for longer middle wings.

  • Plastic characteristics 

left / right hinges

Right or left hinges can be created by the direction in which the bearing bushings are inserted into the hinge wing.


Mounting on door frames

For mounting a door that should be removable, two hinges of the same type must be attached to the door frame.

If the door is not supposed to be removable, the door must be mounted with at least one right hinge and at least one left hinge.



1. Position the bearing bushing with the desired installation direction on the hinge wing. Then insert a screw with a collar such as an ISO 7380 oval head screw into the bearing bushing to protect the bearing bushing collar from damage while pounding in.

2. Pound in the bearing bushing until about 1 mm remains between the bearing bushing collar and the hinge wing.

3. Remove the burr on the bearing bushing using a knife.

4. Pound in the bearing bushing all the way.

5. Remove the screw.

6. Pound a tapered dowel pin into the bearing bushing.

7. Place the cover cap on the opposite side of the hinge wing.

Insert the other bearing bushings according to points 1 to 5.



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