GN 215


  • Type A: without serrations
  • Type B: with 30 serrations



Cover Plastic

black, with inserted Alu-disc

matt anodized, natural colour

Keyway for bore

K10: 3 P9 x 1.1

K12 ... K16: DIN 6885/2

Ball knob DIN 319 

Plastic, Duroplast

black, shiny finish

With indexing levers GN 215 shafts can be turned through a predetermined angle and positively locked. To index, lift the lever against spring pressure from serrations (one hand control).

The bush is connected to the shaft via keyway.

The location flange is bolted to the machine with two socket head cap screws (M 5).

The lever, via the location pin, provides the connection between shaft and location flange).

The serrations are protected from swarf and similar particles by the cover. This cover can be inserted by hand (elastic segments engage into a groove) and removed with a screw driver.

  • Serrations, restricted angle to drawing

  • ISO-Fundamental Tolerances 


The location pin is a wedge-type as standard, which guarantees backlash-free positioning and also acheiving easy engagement and disengagement. Special serrations and dowel pins which restrict the indexing angle can be produced to customers requirement. Please ask for a quotation.

If backlash-free positioning is not required, a dowel pin (made from a grub screw) can be used. The serrations can be made square or with dowels and suitable holes. Such holes have to be made large enough to ensure that the dowel is not restricted on engagement (lever swivel radius).

Smallest available angle for special serrations:

Size 54 - 11°

Size 60 - 9°

Smaller angles can be acheived with suitable serrations and dowels.

Milling cutter for standard serrations can be supplied.


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