GN 128


  • Type ST: With fixed steel pin
  • Type MS: With fixed brass pin
  • Type STL: With loose steel pin
  • Type STS: With fixed steel pin and lubricating nipple




  • Steel, plain (Type ST / STS / STL)
  • Brass (Type MS)



Lubricating nipple DIN 71412-D

Steel, zinc plated

Hinges GN 128 are produced from drawn weldable profiled steel extrusions.

Types ST, STS and MS feature a hinge pin fixed in the lower half of hinge. Type STL with loose steel pin allows the easy installation when attaching several hinges in parallel or if the door is very heavy.

The upper half of Type STS hinge has an additional lubricating nipple DIN 71412-D which allows the hinges to be lubricated without dismantling the hinges.

  • List of hinges types 


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